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      Guangzhou Lanbolight Photoelectric Equipment Co. , Ltd. 

      Mobile: 13600498493

      Contact person: Li ziyao

      Mobile: 13427523349

      Contact person: Zhang Zhe

      Mobile: 13825149792

      Contact person: Chen Huixin

      Email: lanbolight@lanbolight.com

      New address: Room 305, 3rd floor, building A1, No.3, environmental protection Middle Road, Xiapu environmental protection industrial park, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

      website: www.allanabatayo.com

      Tel: 020-32162354


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      Guangzhou Lanbolight Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in 2007, its predecessor was the Guangzhou Light-US Science and Technology Co., Ltd., is a collection of film and television stage ligh
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