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      Guangzhou Lanbolight Photoelectric Equipment Co. , Ltd. 

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      Lembeh photovoltaic power Changde Tsu-day grand opening banquet hall RESERVED

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      Lembeh photovoltaic power Changde Tsu-day grand opening banquet hall RESERVED

      Date:2016-06-17 00:00 Source:http://www.allanabatayo.com Click:


      Bouquet of flowers, a truth, a belief, I wish auspicious opening, rich open source! Brilliant flowers on the ground! Good luck! Business is constantly thriving constantly, constantly shop happiness, good luck constantly grows rich, business is growing plump, guests often, machine Huichang Lai, came running all the way to success. Opening day Yuantaijiudian banquet hall used Lembeh photoelectric beam moving head lights, moving head pattern light, LED wash lights, LED moving head wash light, LED flood light and so on!

      Source Hotel banquet hall grand opening day, take the opportunity, Guangzhou Blue Bi Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. all my colleagues in Changde City, Hunan Tsu days Yuantaijiudian smooth opening warm congratulations! At the same time extend cordial greetings to the hotel and all the staff! To many years been concerned about and support the hotel, all the leaders and comrades catering industry to express my heartfelt thanks!

      Days Yuantaijiudian have a favorable investment environment, a long cultural history, excellent economic and scientific foundation. And convenient transportation, maturing facilities, making this become a set of investment, tourism, leisure hot spot, is the ideal business base all enterprises, but also the tourists who vacation to relax.

      We are very pleased to see the successful completion and opening day RESERVED! I believe in the near future, he will promote economic development Tsu, Tsu to inject more new vitality. Finally, I wish: steady development, times to tourists, business is flourishing!

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