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      Zhuji South Dragon Prince, Happy Valley

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      Zhuji South Dragon Prince, Happy Valley

      Zhuji South Dragon Prince, Happy Valley

      Lanbolight Zhejiang electric power to help the city of Zhuji, south of the Dragon Prince Happy Valley May 28th grand opening

           May 28th, in Shaoxing City, Zhuji Province, Zhejiang City, south of Prince Edward Happy Valley shocked debut! Dragon Prince, Happy Valley, to the cultural convergence of popular culture, tourism, driven by the traditional business to animation theme park for the engine - into the "family of three children," the cultural and emotional. Collection of children's science and education, entertainment in one of the "leading" adult consumption of pleasure, shopping magnetic place. As things to the center position, open the Zhuji tourist routes, and five A-level Wuxie area, the Great Wall movie and Television City - Doo ROCK - Xishiguli formed golden tourist line.

      This is the Dragon Prince - one of the Happy Valley event, the people of Zhuji is a major event, ready for Children's Day, also gave the best gift "imperial" Zhuji friends in the summer!

      The Dragon Prince, happy valley the blue Bi photoelectric computer head light, computer head logo lights, LED head lambency lamp, LED lighting design, led cast light lamps, led world ranked, tricolor lambency lamp, laser lights, chasing lights and so on!


      In lanbolight photoelectric shining, the stage outside the glittering, around the stage with a building wide clear. Above the stage of high brightness light beam reflection horizon and stage actors can enjoy singing and dancing... All these, just right to reflect the new era of Zhuji Dragon Prince Happy Valley opened a new era of the people! , also witnessed the Lembeh in East China China photoelectric resurgence!

      The Dragon Prince, Happy Valley, this feat, completely fills the blank of Zhuji children's recreation!

      The Dragon Prince, Happy Valley Park, Zhuji will load the recreation in the history of history!


      Today, Zhuji will boil

      Today, Zhuji people's eyes will focus City South Happy Valley prince!

      Today, the Lontis Park will give you a hand in a satisfactory answer!

      Today, the Lontis Park will send you an unprecedented visual feast!

      Today, the Lontis Park will make you feel not the same joy!

      Starting today, as the people of Zhuji, you can be proud to say that Zhuji also has its own "Disney", and that is the Dragon Prince, Happy Valley! As the people of Zhuji in their own home for a cheerful play!

      On this day, the children in the Dragon Prince Happy Valley spent a full and happy day, every child's face is full of joy and joy!

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