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      Guangzhou Lanbolight Photoelectric Equipment Co. , Ltd. 

      Mobile: 13600498493

      Contact person: Li ziyao

      Mobile: 13427523349

      Contact person: Zhang Zhe

      Mobile: 13825149792

      Contact person: Chen Huixin

      Email: lanbolight@lanbolight.com

      New address: Room 305, 3rd floor, building A1, No.3, environmental protection Middle Road, Xiapu environmental protection industrial park, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

      website: www.allanabatayo.com

      Tel: 020-32162354

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      Guangzhou Lanbolight Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, its predecessor is Guangzhou bright beautiful lighting technology Co., Ltd., is a set of film stage lighting equipment R & D, production, sales, engineering design and installation as one of the high-tech enterprises. For years companies adhering to the "people-oriented" purpose, adhere to the independent research and development, independent innovation path and achieved rapid development, the successful launch of the has independent intellectual property and brand LanBolight stage lighting series products: computer shaking his head lights, scanning lights, laser lights, LED lights. Stability and high reliability of the products is our survival, to provide customers with good faith, and thoughtful service is our way of development. "Safety, environmental protection, energy saving" blue green products with its excellent quality, high quality service, as well as superior cost-effective, so that we won the broad market space and domestic and foreign customers alike! Products in 2010 Tianjin Binhai International Convention Center, 2009 CCTV with a song, 2010 Guangzhou International disabled cultural exchange center, the Shanghai World Expo will chosen in the National Museum of Liaoning, 2007 Shenzhen Yantian International Spring Festival Gala, 2008 National Airport Service Awards party and so on major events, and consistent access to experts from. Face the future, the spirit of "scientific management, elaborate, service integrity, realistic and innovative" business principles, we will continue to make efforts to, advancing with the times, the intention of casting high quality stage lighting; always sincere faith with customers to retreat to customers are thinking, anxious customer anxious, to customer meticulous care; intention to pursue excellence, forever the pursuit of a more perfect! Dedicated to work closely with domestic and foreign counterparts, to join hands in creating a brilliant stage lighting industry!

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